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During Q1 2020 the digital evolution and transformation of companies has been accelerated by 75% by the arrival of a pandemic that changed their operations and how they connect with their customers.

Consumers have become even more demanding, looking for unique value offerings that fit the new barriers between them and brands: their home. 

In the following document we present insights, studies and a strategic approach to adapt to the “new normal” and enhance business metrics from the digital world.


  1. Introduction
  2. Digital Landscape Colombia
  3. Consumer
  4. Category
  5. Opportunities
  6. Strategic Approach
  7. Tactics
  8. KPIs

Digital Landscape Colombia

The digital evolution in the local market has increased in large numbers in relation to 2019, which evidences the importance of transferring physical experiences to the online world to enhance business models.

How is Colombia doing in numbers?


  • 69% penetration by 2020.
  • 35 million users.
  • Increase of 1M users between 2019 vs. 2020.


  • Penetration of 69% in 2020.
  • There are 35M active users in RRSS.
  • Increase of 3.4M users, 2019 vs 2020.


  • 60M Mobile connections.
  • Increase of 1.9M new devices.
  • Mobile connections equals 119% of the population.

Most visited websites

By 2020, digital media consumption has changed, with the following platforms showing the following performance in traffic and usability.

most visited websites
  • Google is the preferred platform for users to perform relevant searches at a consideration stage.
  • Social networks have become a space for entertainment and connection between friends, family and brands. 
  • Streaming is a habit that has increased due to confinement.

Use of social media

The arrival of new platforms and the increase of usability in others, has modified the Share of usability of each of the social networks, presenting the following metrics

use social media
  • Streaming is one of the most frequent habits, with. YouTube being the network with the highest usability
  • Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram are the Colombian’s favorite networks.
  • Por los nuevos hábitos del consumidor, Twitter ha reducido significativamente su usabilidad en 2020.

Facebook in numbers

facebook numbers

It has a total of 32 million users, representing 78% of the total population, with a 51.5% female audience and a 48.5% male audience.

Instagram in numbers

Instagram in numbers

The social media has a total audience of 12 million users, which represents 29% of the population, a figure that has increased by 6.2% in the last quarter.

The female audience on this platform represents 56.4%, while men account for 43.6%.

Twitter in numbers

twitter in numbers

The social network TWITTER has an audience of 3.20 million, which represents 7.8% of the total population, a figure that has increased by 1.6% in the last quarter, with a male audience of 62.9% and a female audience of 37.1%.

Transformation - Consumption habits

  • Being able to make any type of purchase on the Internet for people is synonymous with convenience and time savings.
  • 28% of people see the Internet as a channel that offers better prices and promotions.
  • It is a channel where they can compare brands without having to travel.

How much time do they spend on the Internet?

how much time do they spend on the internet
  • 93% of people are making their purchases via mobile.
  • The place from where they do all their shopping is from home.
  • 82% of people surveyed use the internet on a daily basis.

Where do they search?

where do they search
  • Social media takes up 50% of the search engines where people make a previous research to purchase a product.
  • The physical store is not the place to make a purchase at the moment, only 9% take it as their main channel.
  • Retail is attributed 23% of the access points as product search engines.

The consumer and the "new normal"

As physical and social isolation has become the new normal, consumer behavior has evolved. The “new normal” has transformed the way we express ourselves and the way we consume: content, products or media, and it is important to understand these habits in order to adapt and succeed.


What are the new consumer attitudes?

Time & Space

They are looking for new ways to occupy their time, be productive and be calm.

People are facing new challenges to maintain order and be comfortable…


The desire to experience, explore and find inspiration is starting to feel more and more like a necessity.

Their relationships

With a new appreciation for the importance of feeling good, people today prioritize their mental health.

At the same time, they crave connection to their immediate and global communities.

Consumption and expenses

They take a more conservative approach to discretionary spending, focusing on immediate needs, both material and psychological.

The consumer and the "new normal"

All these deep changes in the way people experience daily life generated a situation of constant dynamism in the priorities of how, when, where and why to consume.


  • How do we help consumers as their needs evolve?
  • How do we adjust to the new and evolving consumer cycle?
  • How do we apply the concept of “newness” to help consumers fight boredom?


Understanding the premise of new consumer habits and their changing needs due to confinement, it is necessary to study the communication territory of the competition in order to evaluate opportunities.By analyzing your digital communications we will be able to determine the blind spots to leverage your brand’s digital communications to maximize business results in changing times.

Category: Facebook

Category Facebook analysis

Liberty Seguros is the account with more followers at the moment in this social network and at the same time with the highest growth of fans compared to the others and us. 

Seguros Sura is the account with the most posts in the category, with a total of 41 impacts per month. 

The engagement in proportion to the number of followers matches the number of fans and growth to give 0.1% to liberty seguros. 

The account with the highest interaction in its content is seguros sura colombia.

Category Facebook

Category: Instagram

Category Instagram

Liberty Seguros Colombia shows the highest engagement in the category with 2.36%.

In number of followers, Seguros Sura has the most robust community with 24,272 followers.

The interaction of the posts and the highest number of impacts per month in this social network is with liberty seguros colombia.

Seguros Sura is the company with the largest community but in the last month it did not have any type of interaction in this social network.

Seguros Bolivar is the one that grew the most in number of followers last month with 574 new users.

Instagram Followers
Category Instagram

Category: FB Interactions

fb interactions


Seguros Liberty- Bot: They have chat messenger enabled with FAQ options that is activated when you enter the profile. As call to action they have an inbox contact and the other one takes you to the page.

Response comments: Having a content focused on interaction the answers are fast, constant and lights, lowering a little the serious focus of insurance services.

Seguros Bolivar -Bot: Their two call to action for contact are messenger or contact us which takes you to whatsapp (you have very well defined predetermined questions.

Response comments: They take 24 hours, two and up to a week to give answers.

Sura Seguros- Bot: Their two call to action are directed to messenger and download the app. They do not have scheduled questions or answers.

Response comments: They take 24 hours to respond and there are unanswered comments both positive and negative.

Category: IG Interactions

IG Interactions


Liberty Insurance: there is no call your action in the BIO.

Many unanswered comments, they receive between 3 and 10 comments per post.

Seguros Bolivar: Their call to action directed to whatsapp.

The comments they receive are on the post focused on engagement, trivia, questions etc.

They do not have timely responses and do not interact beyond the like in the comment.

Sura Seguros: Call to action in biography to youtube, brand campaign with care COVID prevention.

The messages in the comments give names. In this case, sebastián. They don’t leave consigned if a solution was given, and there are comments of weeks without answering.

Category: SOAT


In SOAT content line, we see a communication focused on:

  • Discounts 
  • customer service WhatsApp
  • Payment options.

These communications are summarized in generating facility and extra benefits to the user in addition to buying the SOAT. 

We need to communicate some kind of benefit and give relevance to this graphically so that people feel that although it is an obligation they can take advantage of some extra benefit.

Knowing the consumer’s pain points and habits, and the communication territory of the competition, we must highlight opportunities to enhance digital communications.


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